My clients benefit from a focused doer who goes the extra mile for a successful project.

I am a certified consultant who sees the big picture and a hands-on interim manager who not only leads the way but also takes others along. I always commit myself enormously to the mandate.

Characterized by a high degree of initiative, entrepreneurial thinking, and strength of implementation, I am down-to-earth, open-minded and straightforward. I curiously look beyond the end of my nose and, in addition to the specific project goal, I always keep an eye on related topics and areas. In everything I do, I attach great importance to the quality of my work and the results of the overall project. To satisfy my clients and offer them added value are my top priorities.

Performances in detail

  • Evolving new markets, nationally and internationally
  • Developing and implementing sales strategies as well as sales management (field and office staff)
  • Business development
  • Change management
  • Strategies for new customer and new project acquisition
  • Designing sales processes efficiently, optimizing structures
  • Managing sales projects and leading them to success
  • Team building, team motivation, and coaching

Executive with strong negotiation skills, refined interpersonal skills, and an eye both for detail and the big picture.

As a cooperative team player, I take employees and teams along with me, lead by example, challenge and encourage. I communicate transparently and involve employees in the common goals – as a result, everyone pulls together. The joint success of the project is the measure of all things.

As a sales professional, I move confidently on international terrain. In the past, I successfully led teams with members of different nationalities and cultures.

As a perceptive coach, I motivate and build up top-performing teams. For my clients’ benefit, I sustainably embed knowledge in the organization.